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Industrial transit systems

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Industrial transit systems

Lotus industrial transit systems: platforms, stairs, crossovers, gangways and rolling platform ladders can be realized in materials such as:

  • EXTRUSED ALUMINIUM ALLOY 6060 (anodized)
  • STAINLESS STEEL AISI 304 – 316 (pickled or satin-finished)
  • CARBON STEEL (painted or galvanized)

As one of forerunning manufacturers of aluminium and stainless steel industrial access and transit solutions (platforms, ladders, walkways, etc.), we have provided expert and quality fabrication service to manufacturers and industry for the last 35 years. Our high quality standards provide reliable solutions for paper, glass, plastic, food, water treatment, petrochemical, boating and aeronautical, marine industries, tooling machines and others. Lotus products are designed to facilitate access during working operation and/or maintenance activities while ensuring safety to operators and providing a durable, finished product with care given to its aesthetic aspect.


Due to our CAD design system, our Technical department, based on layouts in dxf and dwg format submitted by customers, is able to perform custom-made designs and structural calculation of mechanical assemblies, industrial work platforms, stair structures, and walkways.

Our transit system projects are made in accordance with European safety standard EN ISO 14122.

We combine the technical skill of qualified workers with the manufacturing experience of certified welders to provide a wide range of solutions at competitive prices while always following a quality control process.

The aluminium or stainless steel gangways, stairs, platforms, crossovers, ladder platforms and all structures are designed and manufactured in our factory. They are fully pre-assembled and tested in compliance with the project prior to shipment. The structures are designed for quick and easy assembly.

The three types of materials (aluminium, stainless steel and carbon steel) can each be used separately, thus making our system extremely flexible and interesting for various combinations.

Our flexibility allows us to produce a range of products varying from simple carpentry parts to groups of completely processed machines. The various stages of the production process are carefully followed by our technical department which interfaces with the customer’s technical department.

The care for details and the caution to the operator safety are always our priority and for this reason that Lotus has included among its range also the custom-made production of stainless steel or aluminium made protection grates. Otherwise, for the same protections we can use full panels in polycarbonate or aluminium in order to guarantee the maximum safety transit of the operator.

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