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Aluminium loading ramps

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Aluminium loading ramps

Lotus loading ramps are TÜV certified and are made of high resistant aluminium alloy. This provides maximum safety and manageability to a wide and various customer ranges and meets the lightest to the heaviest payload requests.

Available with or without borders.

Aluminum ramps with border: facilitate the loading of wheeled vehicles by avoiding lateral slipping due to wrong maneuvers.

Aluminum ramps without borders: a must for the loading of crawler vehicles or drum rollers. In case of necessity, they can be joined to form a single ramp

Thanks to advanced design in aluminium ramps, reliability and strength achieved over thirty years of activity, constant quality tests,  the high professionalism of our welders that carry out welding and assembly operations entirely by hand with great care in finishing and packaging, Lotus loading ramps are today an ideal reference point for specialists of various branches:

-  Heavy load ramps for EARTH MOVING machines loading and unloading: mini excavators (crawler or wheeled), skid steer loaders ¸ backhoes, wheel loaders , and excavators

- LIGHT TRAILERS:  special ramps for inside frame housing. Customised lenght, more capicity with less weight

-  Medium load ramps for CONSTRUCTION: hydraulic platform logistics, telescopic elevators, wheeled carts and others

-  Ramps dedicated for AGRICULTURE , loading and unloading of walking tractors, fertilizer spreaders, self-propelled fruit harvest carts, lawnmowers, motor engine cultivators

-  Special ramps for TRANSPORT of cars and other wheel vehicles

-  Special ramps for LOGISTICS, two-wheeled or four-wheeled carts

GARDENING ramps, both light and folding, particularly suitable for the movement in small spaces of:  lawnmowers, mowers, two-wheeled tractors, motor-hoes, small tractors

HOBBY ACTIVITY ramps for the loading and unloading of motorcycles, quads, snowmobiles, personal water craft and others

VAN, PICK-UP ramps for the movement of small and medium equipment in various fields : Catering, Cleaning companies, Vending machines, Disabled, Events

SPECIAL loading ramps: customised design, dimensions and structures in base of particular customer necessities.


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