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Aluminium made communication Totem

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Aluminium made communication Totem

The interior and exterior communication signs made by Lotus are long-lasting and efficient means of information, advertising, identification and communication.

The TOTEM we propose is modular, versatile, easy to install and update, even in case of image restyling. The great attention in design and graphics allows the creation of any style from bold and innovative to simple and elegant. Clean essential lines with outstanding finishing and a variety of styles together with avant-garde high visual impact design allow the client to visualize the brand image in an optimal and distinguishing way.

The TOTEM is an ideal tool to communicate and enhance your image. Lotus uses only highly dedicated materials to make the product suitable for all environments, locations and buildings, both public and private. Aluminium with specific processing treatments guarantees resistance against atmospheric agents. Out-of-sight locking systems guard against vandalism or accidental damage while the excellent finishing gives strength and durability.

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